Introduction: Over Two Crown Diamond Knot

The diamond knot is an attractive stopper knot but can loosen when handled, especially when nylon or other synthetic material is used.

Using the over two crown knot increases the number of cords that each strand passes under. That increase in crossings makes the knot much more secure than the regular crown knot.

Step 1:

Look at the white bight in the left hand photo. The cord passes UNDER TWO crown knots going from right to left and then UNDER THREE going through the crown. Those extra crossings make a difference compared to

Step 2:

The regular diamond - each strand goes UNDER ONE crown knot and UNDER TWO going back through the crown.

Step 3:

The diamond knot consists of

Crown knot on left. each strand passes over the adjacent strand

Wall knot on right. Each strand passes under the adjacent strand

Step 4: Tying the Regular Diamond Knot

Tie a crown knot and underneath it tie a wall knot.

Step 5:

First bring any strand (in this case gray) uthrough the crown

Step 6:

Bring the remaining strands through the crown and tighten

Step 7: Tying the Over Two Crown Knot

First make a crown knot.

Step 8:

Take any strand (in this case grey) and pull it partially through the adjacent bight

Step 9:

Take the next strand (white) and pull it partially through the next bight

Step 10:

Do the same with the next grey strand.

Step 11:

and the last (white) strand

Step 12:

Pull the ends, not too tight so that it looks like the photo. The over two crowns are complete.

Step 13:

Tie a wall knot

Step 14:

Take any strand (grey) and go under two strands (crossing point)in the center of the crown and pulll

Step 15:

Do the same with the next strand (white)

Step 16:

Next the grey strand.

Step 17:

and finally the white. The knot is complete. Tighten.

Step 18:

If you combine the over two diamond with the under two wall diamond you will get a super secure knot