Introduction: Over the Collar Dog Bandana

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This is Mac. Mac is a retired racer greyhound. She's fast. She's smart. She's cute! And, she looks totally adorable in an over the collar bandana. These are so quick and easy to make that Mac now has an entire wardrobe of choices.

Watch the full how-to video here:


  • Sewing Machine
  • Pattern (head to our website to download)
  • General sewing supplies--thread, scissors, pins, seam gauge, etc.
  • Steam iron

Step 1: Select Your Fabric, Cut Out, and Sew

1. Select your fabric. For this tutorial, I’m using a bandana, but another option is a fat quarter. A fat quarter is sold pre-packaged at craft and fabric stores. They are approximately 18” x 22”. Buy a fat quarter that has an overall, non-directional print.

2. Download and tape pattern pieces together. It can be found at here.

Note: this pattern is sized for a greyhound. Generally, the size of the bandana is based on your dog's collar size. Measure the collar and make the bandana half the length of the collar.

3. Wash, dry, and iron bandana. Match an edge of the bandana to a side, making sure the edges are even so that the design is now on the diagonal, and press. Note: since many bandanas are not square, the design on the underside of the finished project will probably not be the same as the top. Keep this in mind so you’re always working on the “finished” side.

4. Line up the pattern with the design on the fabric. Pin in place or use pattern weights to hold it in place.

5. Cut out.

6. Be sure to mark one edge with chalk or a small snip as indicated on the pattern

7. Working on the wrong side, turn down the area between the marks 1/2” and press into place. Open this back out.

8. With right sides together, pin pieces together.

9. Stitch all around using 1/2” seam allowance. Start at the top edge opposite the side where you pressed in the seam allowance. Pivot at the corners or run the stitch off, lift the pressure foot, and realign the stitch. Stop at the mark making sure to lockstitch (backstitch) at that point.

10.Trim corners to reduce bulk.

11. Turn right side out through the opening.

12. Gently push out the corners with a wooden chopstick. Press with the right side facing up. Notice how the previously pressed in seam allowance automatically goes into place. (That’s why you do that step before sewing.)

13. Working on the right side, topstitch from the top edge all around to the other side pivoting with the needle in the fabric at the corners. I used the edge of the pressure foot as a guide.

14. Flip the piece over so the wrong side is now up. Turn down 2-1/2”, pin in place and topstitch near the outside edge. You are creating the channel for the dog collar to go through.

15. Press again and you’re finished. Thread the dog collar through the channel, try it on your dog, and admire how cute he or she looks!

Step 2: Hints

  • An easy and convenient way to store all your cute dog bandanas is on a hanger designed for scarves. It holds 16 of them.
  • This bandana is upcycled from an old shirt of my (Vicki) dad's who loved dogs and RV camping. It's a special memory of him. I used the same pattern but cut the main piece from the bottom of the shirt. I trimmed the logo to a size that would work and appliquéd it to the front side of the bandana using a decorative stitch before the bandana was assembled.
  • Note, if you make a bandana with a design that would be impacted negatively by topstitching the channel, it's best to hand stitch the channel in place. Here I machine stitched each size and then handstitched under the logo.

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