Introduction: Overall Skirt With Marvel Kawaii Fabric

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Not everyone likes overalls,

mainly because there are never any cute styles or fabric use to make then. This skirt may have a basic style but the fabric makes it all look great in the end. The great thing about this is you can use just about any fabric you want for it. Not a fan of Marvel like me, pick your favorite show, character, print, texture, or just go with a solid color. There really is no limit to what you can do with this design. Just have fun with it.


  • 2.5+ yards of fabric
  • .5 yards of contrasting color
  • Fusible Interfacing for waist *featherweight to light weight
  • 2” Elastic
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron
  • Cutting tools
  • Template for front of overalls


  • Buttons
  • Overall buckles
  • Pockets

Step 1: ​Step 1 Measuring

  • Starting at the waist, measure down to a comfortable length, then add an extra 1.5” for a hem
  • For the straps 4” by 36”strips will be needed. This should give enough length to make any style strap.
  • Measures around the widest part of the hips then add at least 10” to that to create the waist band. This will need to be 3” wide as well.

Step 2: ​* Bonus Template for Overall Flap

  • To create the template for the front of the overalls, measure from the waist up to a comfortable height, then add and inch for seam allowance.
  • From the middle at the top measure out ward to get width that is comfortable, then do the same to get the width and the bottom.
  • Transfer these measurements into a template add the curved line the opened edge to connect the line. The pattern is made on the fold, so the fabric will need to be folded in half to create this piece.

Step 3: ​Step 2 Cutting

Starting with the skirt, take the first measurement and cut out 2 panels the full width of your fabric.

Using the second measurements cut two strips out to make the straps.

Use the template to cut out two pieces of the overall flap, one being in the contrasting fabric.

Cut out two pieces for the waist band using the measurement from before.

Step 4: ​Step 3 Sewing


  • Line up the two panels cut out for the skirt, place them right sides together, then sew the two sides together.
  • Add two basting stitches at the top of the skirt. This will be used to gather the skirt.
  • Tie a knot in two of the treads that are on the outside that are coming from the same direction. Leave the threads across from the alone.
  • Flip the fabric over and do the same for the other side, but now coming from the other direction.
  • Start to gather the fabric by pulling one of the sets of threads that were not tied together. Try to make sure the gather is evenly spaced to fit the size of the waist band.

Step 5: ​Step 4 Waist Band

  • To create the waist band fold over the long edge half an inch on each side.
  • Add interfacing to the wrong of the fabric before pinning the waist band to the top of the skirt.
  • When pinning the waistband make sure to cover the basting stitch you used to gather the skirt.

Step 6: ​Step 5 Overall Flap

  • Take the two pieces of fabric and placing the right sides together sew a half inch seam allowance around the top edges.
  • Cut the corners off making sure to not cut the tread.
  • Then flip the fabric so that the right side of the fabric is now facing outward. Iron it in place.
  • Pin the flap into the waist band aligning it with the center front of the skirt.
  • Sew straight stitch at the edge of the waist band to hold it in place.

Step 7: ​Step 6 Adding Elastic

  • Taking elastic that fit across the back half of your back, place one end into the waist band at the side seam of the skirt, and use a straight stitch to hold it in place. Do the same thing for the opposite side.
  • Before closing the waist band the straps will need to be added.

Step 8: ​Step 7 Straps

  • To make the straps Fold over both sides to meet in the middle. Then iron them into place.
  • Fold that in half inclosing the raw edges and iron it into place.
  • One end snip a small slit in the corner, fold the fabric down, and close the fabric back.
  • Sew that end close, and then sew a straight stitch along both sides of the length of the strap.
  • Pin the strap to the inside on the waist band.
  • Pull the elastic so the waist band lays flat and sew a straight stich to finish off the overalls.

To attach the straps to the flap I just sewed it in place. But you can use a button or overall buckles to attach them to the front.

Step 9: Finished