Introduction: Overhand Knot Lanyard

Only overhand knots are used to make the body of this lanyard.

Step 1:

Middle your cord.

Step 2:

Bring right hand end down and over to form the loop of your lanyard.

Step 3:

Bring the left hand end over that cord, under two and up through the bight.

Step 4:


Step 5:

Note: Every overhand knot is tied on top of the loop you just formed.

Bring left hand cord over the loop and under the right hand cord.

Step 6:

Bring right hand up through the bight forming the first overhand knot.

Step 7:


Step 8:

Turn knot over.

Step 9:

Repeat step 5.

Step 10:

Repeat step 6.

Step 11:

Repeat step 7.

Step 12:

Continue repeating steps 5 - 8 until desired length is met.

Step 13: Finishing the Knot: the 2 Strand Turk's Head Knot

Bring left hand end over all strands.

Step 14:

Bring right hand end under all strands.

Step 15:

Bring end A under and up through bight a.

Step 16:

Bring end B over and down through bight b.

Step 17:

Bring end A under all and up through bight a.

Step 18:

Bring end B over all and down through bight b.

Step 19:

Remove some of the slack from the knot.

Take either strand and tuck it under two and pull through.

Step 20:

Do the same with the other end. The knot is complete.

Step 21:

Gradually take the slack out of the TH and tighten it against the body of the lanyard,

Step 22: Alternate Ending - ABOK 783

Step 23:

Follow directions here - wrap around one time only (as shown in step 12) and proceed as indicated.