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Have you ever been laying in bed trying to watch Netflix, but then your arm gets tired from holding the phone above you? This innovative yet very affordable design makes sure you can watch Netflix all day without your arm ever becoming tired! The use of magnets is important both for safety and convenience, as the magnets will disconnect from the ceiling if you get caught in it. Additionally the magnets make it easy to remove if you're making your bed or simply don't want the mount up.

Please vote for my instructable in the "Stick It" contest. I'm only 14 and I like to engineer things in CAD programs and build them. A new MacBook would go a long way to increase my ability to continue my passion.

Note: If you get lost on any of the steps, check out the pictures which are in order from first step to last step.

Step 1: Required Materials

  • chopstick (only 1 required)
  • yarn or Paracord (30ft should be more than sufficient)
  • 4 magnets big enough to support phone
  • either an old phone case OR phone-shaped piece of cardboard and a Popsocket holder (requires a Popsocket)
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • bed with ceiling above it

Step 2: Ceiling Strings

  1. Take one end of the 30ft long string/yarn/Paracord and place it on a square piece of duct tape, then place one of the magnets on the tape and fold the tape over.
  2. Take the other end of the 30ft long string/yarn/paracord and repeat step one.

Step 3: Phone Cradle (Spare Case Version)

Before you do this step you need to decide if you want to mount the phone with an old case or a Popsocket. Follow this step if you have an old case and don't mind putting your phone in the case every time you want to use this mount as the case is permanently attached to the strings with duct tape (if you rip the case off it will mess up the angle of the phone when suspended so I strongly recommend keeping the case attached to the strings).

  1. Place the chopstick on 2 parallel pieces of yarn about 1 ft long.
  2. Fold the yarn over, then tie a knot.
  3. Place the phone case upside down with the yarn over it.
  4. Tape the yarn down to the case while still leaving 3-4 inches of extra string on the bottom.
  5. Make a slip knot to connect the 2 ends of yarn for both pieces of yarn.

Step 4: Phone Cradle (Popsocket Version)

For this version you need to have a Popsocket on your phone, Additionally you need to buy a $10 popsocket mount.

Required Materials

  • Popsocket mount
  • phone-shaped piece of rigid cardboard
  • chopstick
  • duct tape
  • 2ft of yarn


  1. Wrap duct tape completely around the piece of cardboard.
  2. Cut the yarn into 2 pieces of 1 ft long yarn.
  3. Place 2 pieces of yarn 1 ft long each each near the edge.
  4. Tape over the yarn.
  5. Make a knot around the chopsticks leaving 4 inches of extra yarn.
  6. Make a slip knot to connect the 2 ends of yarn for both pieces of yarn.

Step 5: Ceiling Strings Part 2

  1. Take the other magnets and tape them to the ceiling 6 inches in front of your face if you were laying down (In front of your pillow, check out the pictures for more clarification)
  2. Stick the piece of yarn with magnets on them to the ceiling on the magnets you just mounted, and let them hang down to the bed, cut the piece of yarn in half.
  3. Take the "phone cradle" assembly and hold it up next to the yarn hanging from the ceiling and wrap the yarn around the chopstick to temporarily hold the height.
  4. Knot it to make sure the yarn doesn't come undone.
  5. Repeat step 3 & 4 for the other side.
  6. Mount your phone
  7. Adjust the angle with the strings on the back by sliding the slip knot up and down.
  8. Enjoy

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