Introduction: Overwatch Reaper With 3D Pen

I created a reaper figure, inspired by overwatch.
I tried to create it with a 3D pen and soldering iron only.

You can find it on youtube as well (Reaper Pronwan)



Filament, 3D pen, tinfoil, wire, soldering iron, cardboard

Step 1: Create Tonfoil Wireframe Model

Step 2: Wrap Filament Around the Tinfoil Body

Step 3: Create Face and Hood

Step 4: Shape Guns With Cardboard

Step 5: Wrap Filament Around Guns

Step 6: Create Cape and Smooth Everything With Soldering Iron

Step 7: Attach Guns and Add Details Such As Ammo

Step 8: Enjoy the Final Result :)

Full creation process:

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