Introduction: Owl Potato Block Printing on Bottle

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  • Block printing is an ancient technique to make paint easily. But with the advance of technology, people developed better-automated printers.
  • But still, the handmade block printings are valued and cannot be taken off-shelf because of its artistic angle.
  • Block printings are generally made by carving wood.
  • But in this instructable, I will be making it with potato, for its simplicity, plus I will be applying it on a whisky bottle.

Step 1: Components

  • Potatoes
  • Whisky Bottle
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Brushes
  • Knife or Peeler
  • Empty Container

Step 2: Shaping the Potato Block

  • A small potato is chosen so that the shape can be made similar to an owl.
  • From a side, potato is cut in cross-section manner.
  • The triangular shape is cut, and a depth of the cut is given (approx 1cm)

Step 3: Preparing Bottle

  • The stickers on the bottle, are removed by putting it in the water.
  • After 10 min the stickers are a bit easier to be removed.
  • Sandpaper can be used to remove it by ease.

Step 4: Painting the Bottle Background

  • Background of the bottle is painted in orange colour.
  • I mixed orange pigment with white acrylic paint to make the perfect colour.
  • I used the appropriate paintbrush to paint the bottle orange.

Step 5: Uniform Paint

  • Orange colour is uniformly given

Step 6: Painting Branches

  • Black paint is applied on the orange background to make it appear as branches of trees
  • Black paint is painted from a thick to thin.

Step 7: Making Owls

  • Different colours are used to make different owls.
  • The shaped potato is taken and paint is applied to it, either by using a paintbrush or putting the block on the paint.
  • After it is uniformly applied, the block is pushed against the bottle at the appropriate place, to make it appear that owls are sitting on the branches.

Step 8: Different Colored Owls

  • Potato block is painted with different colours to make different coloured owls.

Step 9: Features of Owls

  • Eyes are painted with white exterior and Black interior.
  • Nose and feet are painted with yellow

Step 10: Alternative Quick Print

  • Later I discovered that it can be more easily be painted by full block with eyes and nose on it.

Step 11: Finished

  • It can be a wonderful decorative thing for our home.
  • Fairy lights can be put inside it to make a wonderful view.

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