Terrace Enlightenment Corner Nest

Introduction: Terrace Enlightenment Corner Nest

About: I am an Engineering student (department of mechatronics) of SRM University (India)
  • In USA, people have backyards, but here in India, we have terrace!
  • A terrace is a place where family bonding takes place, be it BBQ party or a Meditation get together.
  • We had a corner which was a bit unused so I thought to convert it into an Enlightenment Corner Nest with creeper plants climbing to give it a good vibe.

Step 1: Planning

  • I placed the bricks and the ladder to see how it will look

Step 2: Placing the 1st Layer of Bricks

  • Bricks were placed of the 1st layer

Step 3: Cement, Sand, Water

  • To get the best result we must mix cement, sand and water in the proportion of 1:3:1
  • This proportion gives the best addition property, so that bricks can join together.

Step 4: 1st Layer With Cement

  • Now you would ask why I am making the base in such design. The reason is at the end of the base there is a drain from where all the water from the terrace goes out.
  • I put some amount of the mixture and put the brick over it, then put another layer of the mixture and joined the other brick to it.

Step 5: 2nd Layer of Base

  • Similar to the 1st layer the 2nd layer should also be done one above the another

Step 6: Ladder

  • I used an old bamboo ladder
  • I painted it black so that it looks attractive

Step 7: Ladder and the Base

  • After completing the ladder, I placed the ladder in the position
  • I used the cement, sand, water mixture to attach the ladder with the base.

Step 8: Top Layer or the Cover

  • I placed a stone slab over the 2nd layer
  • After placing the Slab, I put the cement mixture on it.
  • I have included a video of that.

Step 9:

Step 10: Conclution

  • After completing it I planted creeper plants near it and waited till it grows fully
  • This Corner is the best place to do a get-together, doing meditation etc.

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    Reply 10 months ago

    Yeah! Btw why didn't it got featured? Can you explain what is the procedure for that?

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    Reply 10 months ago

    I think you did a great job on your project and tutorial; the only commentary I would have is the directions feel a little brief.