Introduction: Folding

First take your sheet of paper and flip it into its side then fold it in half. Unfold it and fold again on the crease marks then fold the top part once more in half then you fold the whole thing in half like in pic 7

Step 1: Making a BANG!

Now you have your popper you need to learn how to use it first take it by the top corner and hold it lightly then flip the back through the folded part like in pic 2 the grab the flap that's the corner and you should get 2 cone like things on the bottom then move on

Step 2: Making a BANG! Continued

So you got your folded popper and your ready to make some noise take your popper and throw the cone side down as hard as you can you should hear at least a little pop and the cones come undone now move in to reloading

Step 3: Reloading

Now you should have something that looks like pic 1 simply fold it around the way that the paper wants to go Take a look at pic 2 then you should fold it down once and pull I through again an pop again and reload again and pop again so on