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Welcome to this Instructable! This is actually a 7 in 1 Instructable!
Right, this Instructable is for people who get bored easily in the office or at school. I know this because thats why you are look =ing at this Instructable, NOW!
I will demonstrate how paper strips are a fun way to do while you're bored and as well as making them into cool things:)
I will show you how to make
Now lets begin!

Step 1: You Will Need:

Paper, scissors, tape, and a pen

Step 2: Step 1

cut little strips of paper from the paper, DON'T CUT THE PAPER IN HALF! Got that? Try to make the strips it as thin as possible...micrometer thin, nanometer..

Step 3: Before You Make Anything...

Stroke the strips of paper against your feels really funny!

Step 4: Make 1

Roll it up into a tube, then tape it together. Now it is a paper sweep, however, its not as good as the REAL paper sweep here:

Step 5: Make 2

Put eyes on the tape, now it is a squid (octopus if you like)! isn't that smart?
*I also put a smily face on my squid:)

Step 6: Make 3

Turn your squid upside down, now its a palm tree (with eyes)!

Step 7: Make 4 (PRANK)

Now for the awesome part...the PRANK. Hold your squid above someone's head, then cut all the strips off the paper! bThe bits of paper will surely mess up your victim's hair!
NOTE: Don't do this to your mum, she will make you tidy up all the mess!

Step 8: Make 5

Use whats left of your paper and make it into little people chains!
Link here:
Thanks, and enjoy!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hahaha! Very fun! I used to play with scissors and paper when I was bored. Now i just go on facebook mindlessly... -_- lol!

    Great idble :]