Introduction: PAZO Icosahedron Ball Lamp

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What is PAZO?

PAZO is for everyone. The durable, bendable, interlocking pieces allow adults and kids of all ages to create endless variations of three-dimensional shapes.

“Design is an exchange of cultures, and PAZO is a bridge that connects oriental structure principle and modern beauty.” PAZO is a building tool and a stylistic way to make any space more unique. The most popular PAZO creations are used to add a decorative, personal touch to the home, office, or even special events.

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PAZO icosahedron ball lamp

The idea of PAZO is base on Plato polyhedron. Plato believe every Plato polyhedron represent an element and icosahedron is the cosmos. We use this idea to design the building and design kit. Like a ball, creates dramatic light and shadow and bring you a gorgeous interior space.

Step 1: Prepare Material

PAZO and two different out line. We call them Male and Female. In this case, we need 10 discs for each type. You can find there just small different between Male and Female.

Male has 2 outside group opening and 1 inside group opening.
Female has 1 outside group opening and 2 inside group opening.

Don't have to worry too much which type to use. We will let you know the trick later.

You can cut the two type components with paper, vinyl, ABS or MDF or any flat material with thickness around 0.6~1.5mm. The better choose to have our professional kit with multi color and durable food grade plastic, strong and can be reused to create more designs.

Step 2: Link PAZO

Since the material is flexible, PAZO can be bended to make the inside group opening to lock the outside one. That's how PAZO works. Then you can practice to link more first.

PAZO is a brain game, so if you cannot link it well. Try to rotate it, flip it or change the different type. It's a logic training process. And try to practice from making 3 link to 5 link.

Step 3: Making a 5 Link

We have a online video tutorial to give a clean process for you or you can follow our thought to get more details.

Choose any type of 5 PAZO to 5link it together like a circle then you will find it become a solid structure.

Step 4: Extend the 5 Link

After making the 5 link structure, there will be 5 group openings. Take another 5 PAZO to extend the shape from the 5 group openings.

Step 5: Lock Extension

Using one PAZO to link every adjacent extension PAZO from Step.4. We use pink PAZO to show it more clearly. Don't be confused by the color. You can have any color arrangement as you like.

Again, we can find 5 group openings to make extension. But this time we use it to build a 5 link structure then you can find all group opening are linked. Congratulation! you make it!!

Step 6: Insert Lighting

PAZO is made by fire resistance material so you can directly use it as a lamp shade. It crates gorgeous light and shadow or you can use it as a night light. Attention! if you cut it by yourself, please be aware if the material is fire resistance. Otherwise, keep it far from the light bulb.

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