This is a fun and simple project that anyone can make that will guarantee a beautiful but cheap set of nails in minutes

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you need:

-White or clear bottled glue($0.50-$1.00)

-A clean nail polish applier

-A pair of tweezers

-A small mixing dish with cap

-A stick for mixing

-Any color of regular nail polish

-Clear polish for top coat

-A few drops of water

Step 2: Squeeze Glue Into Your Mixing Dish

You will need about 3 or 4 tablespoons of glue

Step 3: After Adding the Glue, Add a Couple of Drops of Water Into the Dish.

Any type of water will work the same.

Step 4: With a Small Stick, Mix Your Glue and Water Until a Solution Is Formed.

This solution should be in liquid form but not too runny.

Step 5: Take Nail Polish of Choice, Add a Few Drops, and Mix Some More.

Make sure it it is regular nail polish. Gel polish wont work as effectively.

Step 6: Clean Nails. Make Sure There Is No Residue Before Moving On

Step 7: Apply Your Glue Mix and Let Dry.

Simply apply as you normally would apply regular nail polish.

Step 8: Put a Cap on Your Mixing Dish and Save in a Safe Space for Another Use.

This mix may last you another one or two uses.

Step 9: Add a Clear Top Coat and Let Dry.

Step 10: Once You Get Bored of Your Polish or It Wears Out, Use a Pair of Tweezers to Peel It Off.