Introduction: PET Stairs

I have built an LED carpet stairs for my dog Max. Being 5 years old now, he had problems jumping on top of the bed. This only took a 1/2 day to build. I used plywood, then stapled carpet to finish the job. I used a BOSCH DS160 Series "request-to-exit" motion detector. (used for card access control systems). I have used the normaly open and command terminals of the PIR to turn on and off the GREEN LED's. I then punched thru the plywood using a 1/4inch drill bit on each stair, to mount the LED's. Then soldered a 1K resistor in series with it. I used a 12 volt DC plug-in transformer to power them up. I set the trigger on the PIR so when MAX walks up to the stairs, the LED's light up for approx 20 seconds, plenty of time for him to run up!. Now, he uses the stairs ALL-OF-THE-TIME!!!

Step 1: Back Side

Here is the back side of the stairs where I stapled the carpet and inserted the LEDS

Step 2:

This is the front view included the BOSCH PIR

Step 3:

Finished product.

Step 4: