hello guys!!!!

i made this phone cover using hot glue gun

to know how i made it watch my video on youtube. the link is down below.


* cover your phone with plastic and tape it around and cover the corners perfectly.

* now put your phone on a waste plastic folder or maybe any plastic sheet.

* start making the boundary with the hot glue gun first, keeping in mind not to cover the volume or power button.

* dont cover the camera and flash light too and boundary them too so that while making design the glue gun dont covers your camera.

* now you can make design over it as i made lots of hearts on the cover with the help of glue gun.

* wait for sometime as the glue dries out then you can peel it off from the camera and paint it

* i colored it with permanent marker and used pink coloured sheet to design

* you can even use your nail paint or spray paint (whatever you like!!!)

* design your phone creativity is totally yours ^-^

* for more details you can watch my video