Introduction: PINEAPPLE (planter)

This instructable is for a planter/plant creation that looks like a pineapple when its done.

It is really simple to make but is so rad. The trickiest part is finding a small vase/candleholder that looks like the base of a pineapple. I found mine in the Fabulous Chic Christmas Collection at Michaels Craft Store. Really any pattern will do but look out for shapes that resemble those on pineapples. The grass that you add to the vase/candle holder will complete the look.

These would be great gifts! you could just tie a ribbon in a bow around the top of the vase.

note: only adults should do the wire cutters and hot glue gun steps in this instructable.

Hope you enjoy!


Step 1: Gather Materials

-small vase or candle holder that has a geometric shape pattern on it (bonus if it looks like pineapple base)

-artificial grass plant. I got mine for about $4 at Michaels

-small piece of floral foam

-wire cutters

-hot glue gun with hot glue stick (you could use another kind of glue but hot glue dries quick and is what I will be using in this instructable)

-newspaper or paper plate to keep under the hot glue gun to catch drips

Step 2: Glue Foam Into Vase

-use hot glue gun to glue the small piece of foam into the bottom of the vase. make sure its centered.

Step 3: Check and Adjust Height of Grass

-place bottom of grass onto bottom of the vase to check its height

-I needed to trim mind down in order to make the grass look as if its part of a pineapple

(you want the grass to be full and out around rim at very top of vase to achieve this)

Carefully use wire cutters if you are an adult to cut down the grass. If you are not an adult please seek adult help with this part.

Step 4: Glue Grass Into Foam

put a dot of glue onto the end of the grass and quickly stick into the foam. press the grass down until it is at the height that you want (for it to most look like a pineapple)

Step 5: Fan the Grass Out

-Use your hands to fan the grass out (first picture is not fanned, second picture is)



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