Introduction: 2 Gift-able Projects Using Real Plants!

Step 1: Air Plant Tips

Air plants need the following:

- bright, indirect light
-Good air flow
- to be misted 2-3 times a week

Step 2: Pineapple Planter

You'll need:

- a container for the "fruit part" of the pineapple planter. Mine has texture on it but yours can be round or a terra cotta pot painted yellow etc. think outside the box! I got this container from Michaels last year around the holiday season

- some rocks (to prop the plant up higher and help it stand up) (mine are from Michaels)

- air plant (on larger side) I got mine from my local plant place Called johnsons

Step 3: Assembling Pineapple Planter

Place the rocks in the planter

Place the air plant on top of the rocks

Step 4: TaaaDahhhhh!!

Pineapple planter is done. See the last step for an idea of how to present it as a gift.

Step 5: Gumball Machine Planter

You'll need the following:

- plastic gumball machine from Dollar Tree with holes drilled in the plastic globe part of it (start with a smaller bit to puncture it then a larger bit can make big holes) or you can use a real gumball machine and just leave the top off it. This Instructable uses the Dollar Tree Gumball machine

- rocks (mine are from Michaels)

- small air plant

Step 6: Rocks!

Add a few rocks into the gumball machine. You'll want to make sure it's too many cause want the air plant to fit in there comfortably

Step 7: Add Your Plant

Time to add your air plant to the gumball machine terrarium!

I put the top of the machine on because I like how it looks but if you leave it off the plant will get even more air circulation. The plant expert at the place I got them though said that just the drilled holes would be sufficient. If you're using a real glass gumball machine you'll need to leave the top off.


You've seen how to make these gifts, next is ideas how to present them without fully wrapping them! (We want the plants to still get the air they need).

Step 9: Gift Presentation

So ideas for wrapping these are:

Pineapple planter:

- clip a gift tag onto the container (pictured. Need ribbon, gift tag, sharpie, small clothes pin. Write out the persons name then make the downstrokes thicker. Tie a bow through the gift tag hole and clip onto the container with clothespin)

- wrap just the container in wrapping paper so there's still a surprise element to the gift!

Gumball machine terrarium:

- tie a ribbon into a bow around the base of the gumball machine (pictured. Need ribbon. Can add a gift tag if you'd like!)

-wrap just the base of the gumball machine terrarium

-put in a small basket with other things for the persons desk like cute pencils, clips etc and stick tissue paper into the basket here and there and/or tie a bow onto the basket

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