Introduction: POP Up Tent

Portable Outdoor Personal Shelters is a company devoted to help those in need. Sponsored by Students Without Borders and Johnnie Lyman's Chemistry Classroom of High Tech High North County, we have started designing and prototyping our first and only product, the “Pop Up Shelter™”. This product is designed to give the homeless population of San Diego a portable tent-like shelter that can be deployed in one motion and easily and effectively put away, similar to a sun shade for a car. Thank you all for your support!

Step 1: Materials

Spring steel wire (You will need around 48 feet)

Thin Steel plates ( you will only need around a 1x1 square)

Waterproof UV resistant canvas (15'x12') - if it is not waterproof, you can make it waterproof by spraying some sealant or water resistant spray over it.

Pliers - Needle nose and fat head.


Screen sheet - like the one in your windows.

A sewing machine - unless you can hand sew the whole thing.

Small magnets - 10 but get some extras just in case you lose some.

Step 2: The Frame Pt. 1

The Frame : Top piece

Take apart the spring steel from their connections as shown below. Make multiple S shaped clips out of the steel plate as shown. Put two wires together using the S shaped clips facing the same direction on three separate segments of the wire.

Step 3: The Frame Pt. 2

The Frame : Base

Separate four wires Put them together similar to step 1 Connect them to create a circle.

Step 4: Putting Them Together

Putting them together

When you put the frame together, connect the Top piece of the frame to the base piece on the narrower ends to create a T shape on the joints.

Step 5: Making the Sheet

Making the Sheet

Create a sheet Large enough to cover the whole of the frame. Use Thin, Long pieces of fabric to attach the wires to the sheet for the frame so it will stay in tact.

Step 6: Creating the Door

Creating the Door

Create a rectangular hole in the fabric on any given side Using the piece you cut out, Cut the inside of that rectangle out in a smaller rectangle. Cut two sheets of canvas the same size as the mesh sheet and put those two on the outside

Step 7: Creating the Door Pt.2

Use your screen to cover the hole and sew it into the fabric

Once that is done, Create a small square of the fabric and use that to sew the magnets into the sheet. (near the bottom and up the sides so they will close) Put an equal amount of magnets and make sure they are facing the right way so they will attract.

Step 8: Creating the Door Pt.3

Cut a square out where you want the door to go and keep that sheet. Cut a rectangle out of that piece 1 inch from the perimeter of the sheet so you have a large skinny rectangle. then you trace that out with the extra sheet you have and do the same so you have two that are exactly the same. Use the outside of that and cut the mesh sheet out the same size.

Step 9: Creating the Door Pt.4

Then lay one of the canvas sheets out and put the mesh on top of that and put the other canvas on top of that so you have a canvas mesh canvas layer for the door and sew the magnets into the frame of the door and sew the whole thing together on the edges so everything stays still. Then you want to sew the top of the door onto the top of the hole you cut out for the door so it flips up. then find all the spots where the magnets meet the doorframe and put the other magnets there so it will stay closed.

Step 10: Creating the Door Pt.5

On the top of where the door rolls up, sew two elastic pieces so you can roll the door up and it will stay up. With the extra canvas, Cut a rectangle the size of the opening for the door and attach that to the top so when you want privacy, you can just roll that piece down.