Introduction: PS4 Pro Vertical Stand

For my first project ever in Creative Technologies 101, I used TinkerCad to design a vertical stand for my PlayStation4 Pro. I looked around for a while here on instructable and could not find any stands for the Pro, and I thought, "why should I buy one when I have the resources to make one AND get graded on it?" So I went through a few designs and a couple failures, as this was my first experience using a 3D printer, until I came out with the final product.

Step 1: STL Files for Printing

If you are interested in making this yourself, you first need a 3D printer. Second, I have separated the pieces to print in 3 separate files that I found to have the best results after printing. When I printed them all together, some pieces warped and the overall quality was poor. To make things simpler for you, I have separated them into the three that I used in the end.

PS4 Pro stand with space for a fan: This piece of the stand is designed with a space for a small fan. I will go into more detail on how to attach the fan that I purchased for this stand in the next section. If you do not want to buy a fan and connect one, you can simply print two of the following sections. I printed this with a medium infill (15%-20%) with .2mm layer height and did not use rafts.

PS4 Pro stand without space for a fan: This section has the sole purpose of being a place for the PS4 to rest on. There is plenty of slits for airflow, so again, if desired you do not have to add a fan to this vertical stand. I printed this with a medium infill (15%-20%) with .2mm layer height and did not use rafts.

PS4 Pro connections: These are the two bars (gold in my model) and there are holes designed in the print of the two end pieces. I printed these with a low infill (5%-10%) with .1mm layer height and used rafts. To fit just right I had to use a knife to whittle down the ends just a little and carefully. To completely connect everything, I went piece by piece using high temp hot glue. I got both rods in one side, and then I made sure it was all aligned correctly as it was cooling. Then I put the glue in both the holes on the opposite piece and inserted both rods at the same time.

Step 2: Painting

After printing, I suggest painting before attaching the pieces together, especially if using spray paint. But other than that suggestion, I would hope that people would take creativity in their own hands. I personally used gold and black to try to match my limited edition God of War PS4, but it would be really cool to see other artistic designs or combinations for other console editions.

Step 3: Optional: Attaching a Fan

If you decide to use a fan for the extra air circulation, here is the link to the particular fan I used. Its a 3 speed, 5volt, USB powered fan. It super easy to use considering its ability to plug into the PS4.

To create space for airflow under the fan, I made little stilts for the fan to be glued to and have the airflow it needs. I used an Exacto knife to precisely cut the stilts. Then I used the high-temp hot glue to glue them where the corners of the fan would lay. I placed each stilt in using tweezers for accuracy. Next, I put tiny drops of glue on top of the stilts, not too much to accidentally glue the fan itself, and then gently placed the fan on its aligned corners.

Take your time with this step. It is important not to over glue and ruin your fan. It would not be fun to get everything done and realize that you accidentally glued the blades together.

Step 4: Enjoy

I really hope you find my files to work well for you and steps clear. Have fun personalizing your PlayStation Pro accessory and show off your high-performance machine in style!