Introduction: Bookmarks

This is a project for my Creative Technologies class called Hackathon. The basic idea of this class is that one Friday a month the class gets together and each of us makes something in 4 hours. So for the first project of the semester, I wanted to start off simple. What I decided to do was make bookmarks. The idea behind this particular project was that I wanted to get more experience with 2D design and Inkscape. I got different stencils off of google images and used text boxes on Inkscape to create the designs.

To get the bookmarks, I laminated a piece of 17x11 piece of paper and used the laser cutter available to me to cut out my bookmarks and etch my designs. I used 100 speed and 30 power for the laser cutter. If I were to do this again, I would definitely use at least 110lb cardstock instead of the normal paper I used, and I would probably slow it down to about 90 speed. The parts of design with less detail tended to get passed over much too fast and not etch well (hence the need for a slower speed), while the more detailed lettering parts had tiny holes that burned through (hence the thicker paper needed).

All in all, this was a very good project for me to work on the basics of 2D design, Inkscape, and using the laser cutter.

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