Introduction: PVC Candles

Don't you just love those creepy scenes having hundreds of candles burning with wax dripping all over the place? But don't want to burn down the house? or have wax dripping all over the place?

Here's an alternative... use PVC to make your own candles.


  • Hack saw or miter saw or PVC cutters (that can cut 1 ½ PVC)
  • Hot glue gun


  • 1 ½ inch white PVC pipe
  • LED tea light
  • Hot Glue
  • Foam pipe insulation
  • Sandpaper or Acetone

Step 1: Prepare the PVC

  • The first step is to cut the PVC to the size of your candle(s).
  • Use sandpaper or acetone to remove any printing on the PVC pipe.
    Note: Another option is to paint over it with spray paint, but it may take a few coats to cover.


  • If you're using a miter saw which allows for angle cuts, cutting one end at an angle will add a nice effect.
  • The miter saw also allows you quickly cut a lot of candles like I wanted. I prefer to do things in bulk. One candle is nice, but 60+ is better.

Step 2: Apply the Hot Glue "wax"- Dab Method

This is one option for how to apply the "wax" to your candle.

  • Dab the hot glue down the side candle to create the dripping wax starting from the top.
  • Use various lengths to create a realistic effect.

Step 3: Apply the Hot Glue "wax"- Drip Method

Another method of applying the was is to use large drips. Apply a large glob of hot glue at the top of the PVC and allow it to drip down the side.

Step 4: Apply More "wax"

Continue to add more layers of "was" until you are happy with the look. Be sure to get some around the top of the candle as well.

Caution: When putting was on the top, try not to get it inside the PVC, as then your tea light might not fit. If you do get some down the inside (like in photos here), you'll have to remove it. It comes off pretty easy, but you may need to use a knife to cut it off.

Step 5: Final Steps

The file step is to add the tea light to your candle.

  • Cut a 1” piece of the foam pipe insulation and stuff this inside the PVC for the LED tea light to sit on.
  • Place an LED tea light inside the PVC.


  • Painting: You can paint the candle and use various aging techniques to enhance the look of the candle. However, this is only really needed if the they are going to be in a lighted area. In the dark, you can not tell if it has been painted or not.
  • Use bigger PVC: You can use larger diameter PVC (etc 2 ½) to create larger candles. Cut and use a piece of white styrofoam in place of the foam pipe insulation to hold the LED tea light.
  • Groups: Before adding the “wax”, glue three different size PVC pieces together to go make a grouping. You can use the hot glue or PVC cement to do this.
  • Hard-wire LED: If you make a lot of candles and don't want to deal with turning them all off/on, you can use flickering LEDs instead of the tea lights. This will allow you to wire them all up together.