Introduction: PVC Revolver Marshmallow Gun Blowgun DIY

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PVC Revolver Marshmallow Gun Blowgun DIY

In previous project, I made a PVC Blowgun Revolver. It is fun to play with and to shoot homemade darts into apples. The only downside was the difficulty of assembly. So I developed another version of this same concept that is easier to assemble.

Today I introduce this Awesome PVC Revolver Marshmallow Gun. It is made entirely out of PVC pipe and PVC cement. As with the last revolver, you turn the barrels by hand to align the pipes for shooting. The faster you turn the barrels, the faster you can shoot.

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The barrels are easy to load from the side of the gun. Just rotate the barrels as you load each one. And you are ready to fire.

The best thing about this blowgun being entirely made out of PVC is the ability to clean it. After shooting several marshmallows, the gun can become sticky with residue. If this happens, just remove the handle and blow pipe at the elbows and wash the residue with warm water. Then set the blowgun on the counter to dry.

So let me show you how I built this blowgun.

Main Barrel

With the exception of the handle, I used all 1/2-inch pipe and fittings.

I first cut 2 pipes, one about 15 inches and one about 8 inches. On the short pipe, I put a mark about 3 inches inward. This allows the main barrel to stick out further as on a real revolver. I then used some PVC cement to attach the 2 pipes together.

Be careful with PVC cement, it has very strong vapors and should be used outside.

Rotating Barrels

I next cut 6 pipes to 3 inches long pieces. I then carefully cemented the pipes together around an extra pipe making sure not to get any cement on the extra pipe. I had to wait a few minutes between adding each pipe to give the cement enough time to dry in place. After the cement has fully cured over night, you should be able spin the barrels.

The barrels then needed to be filed down smooth and level so the tolerances of the barrels can be tightly assembled. I used a grinding wheel to speed up this process, but a file will work. Make sure to use a breathing mask when grinding and filing.

It is now time to slide the revolving barrels over the 15 inch pipe. I then made a mark at the end of the barrels on the top of the center pipe. I then measured the location of where the T-connector would fit and made another mark on the center barrel. The area between these 2 marks needed to slightly flattened so the T-connector outlet would be at the same height as the revolving barrels.

I also pressed in a short section of pipe into the T-connector on the outlet side, so the holes in the rotating barrels would be the same size to help prevent air loss.

I then cemented the connector in place with the side outlet facing up. I also added some cement to the sides of the T-connector to add some additional strength. After it fully dried, I used a saw to cut the center pipe even with the T-connector and touched it up with a file.


With a short section of pipe in the back of the T-connector, I added a 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch adaptor. This allowed me to add some larger 3/4 inch pipe and connectors for a bigger handle. I then attached a 45-degree elbow and 4 inch pipe and an end cap.

Blow Tube

On the top of the T-connector, I added a short pipe, a 45-degree elbow, a 4 inch pipe, and a coupling. All of these are 1/2-inch pipe and fittings.

The blowgun is now ready to shoot. Just load up some marshmallows and fire them as fast as you can turn the barrel.

Modified Gun

This design can also be modified to eliminate the blowgun ability and make it more of a Cosplay type of gun. It reminds me a lot of the 44 Magnum made famous in the movies.

Instead of grinding the center pipe flat and adding the T-connector, the adaptor can be added to a shorter center pipe. This way the barrels can still spin for that fun factor.


With the project now complete, you can paint it any color you wish. Make sure to only paint the outside of the barrels or it may not shoot correctly.

It is now time to go impress your friends.