Introduction: PVC Soaker Hose for Under $30

The PVC Soaker Hose, a cheap and easy way to water your garden

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Step 1: Supplies & Tools

You Will Need

7 ft. of 1 in. PVC Piping


Measuring Tape

Vice(Not Required But Recommended)


Drill Bits

Heat Gun or Matches


Step 2: Drilling Into the PVC

Place the PVC into the vice(if you have one) and tighten

In roughly a straight line, make dots with a sharpie every 2-3 inches

The size of the drill bits depend on what you want the water flow to be, the bigger the drill bit, the fast water comes out

Drill through ONE side of the PVC on those dots

Step 3: Capping One End

With matches or a heat gun, heat one end of the PVC until it starts to turn black, then take the pliers and squeeze that end to try to close it(it may take a few times to close it all the way)It does not have to be a watertight seal, you just do not want water gushing out

Edit 12/20/2016:

As this was one of my first projects, I had not yet found a PVC cap. You can get one of these at almost any hardware store for under a dollar and will save you a lot of time. Simply place primer on the inside of the cap, and then some PVC cement and slide the cap onto the end of the PVC pipe.

Step 4: Hook Up to Hose

Put a little glue on the inside of the open end of the PVC

Screw the PVC onto a hose

Step 5: Your Done!

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