Introduction: PVC Sword

We will be making a PVC sword!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • PVC pipe (I used about 50")
  • A 4-way PVC pipe connector
  • Duct tape
  • 2 Pool noodles or 2-48" pipe insulation tubes
  • A hack saw
  • An X-acto Knife

Step 2: Measuring the Blade

First off your going to need a length of PVC for the blade. The measurements are very flexible so do with it what you will. Cut wherever you chose and then move on. Mine was about 32" long

Step 3: Cut on the Measured Mark

Use the hack saw to cut the pipe on the marks

Step 4: Measure the Sword Hilt and Handle

You are going to need three measurements: two for the sides of the hilt and one for the handle. I made my hilt 5" on each side and my handle 8".

Step 5: Cut the Other Parts

use the hack saw to cut the on the marks the same way that you did it two steps ago

Step 6: All the Cut Sections

Depending on lengths, the parts should look somewhat like this.

Step 7: Forge the Sword

Assemble the PVC pipe pieces into the quad joint with the two longer ends opposite each other to make it look like the picture.

Step 8: Pad the Sword So It Doesn't Hurt

Cut the pool noodle open so you can form it around the blade.

Step 9: Attach the Hilt and the Handle Stopper

Cut the noodle in half lengthwise and attach the sides around the hilt and fasten it with a few strips of duct tape.

Slide a small ring around the base of the handle so when you're swinging it around, like the king you are, it won't fly out of your hands.

Step 10: Tape an X

Take an x across the hilt looping the tape around to make sure the noodle doesn't come loose.

Step 11: Secure the Noodle to the Blade

Make sure the noodle is secured tight around the blade portion of your sword

Step 12: Decorate! (or Don't, It's Your Sword After All)