Introduction: Pagoda Boombox

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My latest project, a boombox built with a Lepai LP-S60 4 x 25W Desktop Amplifier with Remote/USB/MP3/SD/FM. It comes with a 12 volt 3 amp power adapter. You can find these on Amazon and Parts Express. I paid just under $40.

You could add a 12 volt motorcycle battery use it without an AC outlet or make a cord with a plug for a car lighter socket. 

The speaker enclosures are made from a paper tube that sheet flooring comes rolled on, very sturdy about 3/8" thick walls but you could use 6" PVC drain couplers. The speakers are 5.25" car speakers. The construction of the speaker enclosures is done similar to the Droid Head Blaster built by  jutorres.
The "handle" is an adjustable battery hold down. I needed something to hold the amp down tightly and this worked well for that and doubles as a handle.

I tell ya, this little amp really cranks! Much more volume than a standard boombox. It also picks up radio stations very well. It will play mp3s from a USB stick or SD/MMC card but it has no shuffle feature so it plays in alphabetical order. It has a 3.5mm input jack in front and RCA inputs in the back.