Introduction: Very Simple Bath Mat Drying Rack

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This is a very simple project that anyone should be able to do in less than an hour after you have the materials.

I wanted a rack to hang my bath mat on so that mildew doesn't grow on the underside. This fits in my tub shower and allows the mat to drain and dry faster.

It's made from plastic plumbing pipe.

I used white 3/4" PVC pipe but you can use CPVC pipe which is more of a yellow color.

The total cost of this was about $5, or $8 if you use PVC glue to make the joints permanent. I didn't glue it.

Step 1: Buy Some Fittings and Pipe

What you need to buy.

6 elbows

2 Tees

1 10' pipe

Step 2: Cut the Parts

Cut list: The letters correspond to the letters on the photo.
A 3 - 20" lengths

B 2 - 18" lengths

C 4 - 6" lengths

Plastic pipe can be cut with a handsaw, hacksaw, miter box (manual or electric), or jigsaw.

Cut the longest parts first. Start with the 3 20", then the 2 18". The leftover pipe should be about 24". It may be slightly more than that. Measure the leftover pipe and divide that by 2. Then divide those 2 pipes by 2 again. The 4 short pipes will be almost equal. A slight difference won't matter.

Now just fit the pipes into the fittings according to the photo. No glue is needed. There is enough friction to hold them together.