Introduction: Paint Brush Holder

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Laser Cutting Project
This is my first project and my first contribution on this site. So do not hesitate to share your comments about the project and the files provided.

I realized this project to learn Fusion 360 so I model the brush support in this software. It is parametric design concerning the holes and the thickness of the selected material. If anyone wants to see or get the Fusion file, you can find it here:

The brush holder is 90 mm in diameter and 200 mm high. Large holes have a diameter of 10 mm and small holes of 7 mm. The material I used for this project is 3 mm birch wood. It is easy to change the size of the various holes as needed even from the PDF document. The middle circular piece is maintained simply thanks to the press fit. Personally, I fixed it with hot glue under the panel. to the support panels.

Step 1: Laser Cutter Files

Here are the DXF files and also a PDF file that can be use.

Step 2: Assembly Process