Introduction: Painted Wine Glasses

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Here's an easy way to paint pretty flowers onto wine glasses, it really brightens them up.

You can practice painting these simple flowers on paper first just to get the hang of it.

This is a fun group project so get your friends together and have some fun!

I have found several pretty wine glasses at thrift shops, they are perfect for painting.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need the following:

Wine glasses

Acrylic paints made specifically for enamel painting. On the label it will have directions for curing.


water for rinsing brushes

plastic container for paint

paper towels

Alcohol for cleaning

Step 2: Stems

Wipe the outside of the glasses with alcohol before painting. This will help the paint to adhere better.

Using a narrow paintbrush with a pointed end, dip it in the green paint and, starting at the bottom of the glass, paint upward and gently curving off to the side, forming a stem. Paint more stems around the glass a little more than halfway to the top edge.

Step 3: Leaves

Using a small flat brush with rounded corners, paint the leaves onto the stems.

Load the green paint onto the brush and starting at the base of the leaf, press the brush to the glass and slowly wiggle it as you move out and up toward the point, releasing as you twist.

Step 4: Center of Flowers

With a small rounded brush or Q-tip, place a dot of yellow paint at or near the end of each stem.

For the yellow flowers, mix several colors together to make a brown and use this for the center of the yellow flowers.

You will want to leave the top 1" of the wine glass free of any paint so that when you wash it, you'll be able to scrub that area and not worry about rubbing off any paint.

Step 5: Flower Petals

Using a medium size rounded flat brush paint the petals.

place the brush flat against the glass next to the center of flower, brush away and turn back, ending up where you started near the center of the flower.

Paint 5 petals on each flower.

Continue painting flowers around the glass, adding a few near the bottom of glass.

For the yellow and white daisies, load up the paintbrush and begin at the base of the petal, pressing down and as you move outward, gently release pressure and lift, leaving a pointed end to the flower petal. Paint 6 petals on the daisy flowers.

Step 6: Highlights

Using a small paintbrush and some white paint, apply a few highlights to the flowers and leaves. This will give the flowers some dimension.

Allow the paint to dry for 1 hour.

Step 7: Bake

You will need to bake the wine glasses in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. This will set the paint and allow you to hand wash them.

Place the glasses on a cookie sheet and put in the pre-heated oven.

After 30 minutes, remove cookie sheet from the oven and allow to cool for at least 30 minutes.

Step 8: Ribbon

Add a ribbon bow to the stem of each wine glass.

Now, doesn't this make you want to pour yourself a glass of wine?


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