Introduction: Painting Pixel Art Adrien Chibi Miraculous Ladybug

About: My blog, like my YouTube channel, is oriented to work done with my hands with or without the help of tools, especially using paper as the main base.

In the video of Today, Adrien images of the adventures of lady bug chibi type in gridded sheets being this technique of pixel art a form of digital art, or by hand. ideal to perform with the little ones.

Painting and drawing for boys and girls is an excellent vehicle that stimulates communication making it more effective, unlocks creativity, favors the expression of feelings and helps to calm and mitigate the feelings that children can have.

Step 1: Step by Step Video

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Gridded sheets

The pixel art is commonly divided into isometric and non-isometric. The isometric style is drawn almost in an isometric dimetric projection. This is seen a lot in games to produce the feel of a three-dimensional environment without using a computer with real potential to produce 3D graphics. Technically, an isometric angle should be 30 degrees from horizontal, but this does not produce a good result in pixel art since the pixels in these lines do not follow a regular sequence. To solve this, they take slopes of a ratio of 1: 2 pixels, leading to an angle of approximately 26.565 degrees (arctangent of 0.5) The non-isometric pixel art is anyone who does not enter the isometric pixel art category, and use front, side, top, or perspective views.

Step 2: Photos

The series is based on two high school students, Marinette and Adrien, who have a characteristic that differentiates them from other classmates: both have a secret life in which they are superheroes. Marinette becomes a heroine named Ladybug and Adrien becomes a hero called Black Chat (Black Cat in South Korea).

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