Introduction: #2 Awesome Ways to Tie Your Laces of the Shoes

About: My blog, like my YouTube channel, is oriented to work done with my hands with or without the help of tools, especially using paper as the main base.

In today's video I will show you Funny ways to tie your shoelaces or laces for tennis or shoes for girls or boys, just choose the one you like the most, these designs are special for an odd number of eyelets.

Step 1: Step by Step Video

Step 2: Materials:



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Design # 2: ✍

We introduce both ends of the cords in the fourth eyelet from top to bottom, then both tips go up straight up so they are the same size.

Now, right and left, we pass through the Fifth eyelet of each row, then cross the two laces to the third eyelet in the right and left rows.

With that same tip we pass it through the bottom cord and then we cross to the buttonhole of the right row.

We take the other end we go through the cord below and then we cross the buttonhole in the left row and repeat the process until we reach the top and that's it, we have the Third design