Introduction: #5 Awesome Ways to Tie Your Laces of the Shoes

About: My blog, like my YouTube channel, is oriented to work done with my hands with or without the help of tools, especially using paper as the main base.

In today's video I will show you 5 fun ways to tie your shoe laces or laces for tennis or shoes for either girls or boys, just choose the one you like best, these designs are special for an odd number of buttonholes since in the previous video were with a number of buttonholes and if you have not seen I leave a link you just have to click here.

Step 1: ​Materials: ✂ ✎

Shoes or Tennis


Step 2: ​Design # 5: ✍

For this Fifth design we are going to need hair strands or colored elastics, they should make sure that they stretch enough otherwise it will cost them to put their foot in the shoe.

Insert a tail in the fifth eyelet on the right with the help of a stick or punch. Then we stretch the elastic very well in what you do a knot.

Finally we tighten the knot very well and repeat the process for the rest of the buttonholes exchanging the colors if they wish.

Step 3: Step by Step Video