Introduction: Painting a Sidewalk Mural With Chalk Paint

this will teach you how to paint a mural on the sidewalk. It will be made of chalk paint.


  • pencils
  • eraser
  • paintbrushes
  • scissors
  • mini cups filled with a few drops of water
  • chalk

Step 1: Outline

draw the outline for your mural. This is crucial because it will be the frame of your drawing and it will tell you where to draw. Erase if needed.

Step 2: Make Chalk Paint

chalk paint time! With scissors, scrape off chalk dust into a mini cup. Make sure that this mini cup has water in it, but only enough water to fill a pipette (basically, don't even let the water cover the bottom of the cup completely). With too much water, the chalk dust will be over powered and the paint will be too watery. Add enough chalk dust so that the mixture becomes thick and/or, if you put larger pieces into the cup, chunky.

Step 3: Paint

paint your mural however you like. in this case, I did a desert scene.

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