Introduction: Pair of Steampunk-like Gauntlets From Dollar Tree Halloween Accessories.

Several Years back, I bought a set of kids gauntlets- or rather forearm shields- From a local Dollar Tree store.

On one I mounted an electronic candle, the type that glows multiple colors, into it. Then I took a child's ring, the type with a large hollow diamond-shaped fake gem on it, and cut off the fake gem and hot glued it over the LED of the electronic candle.

I then spray painted it gold.

This year I took it out again and decided to alter the other gauntlet to use with the first one.

Step 1: The Second Gauntlet.

On this I decided to mount one of my older MP4 players on it. Although a digital picture frame would do also. First I found a piece of solid plastic and cut it to fit my player, then hot glued it to the gauntlet. I masked it off and spray painted it gold to match the other gauntlet.

Afterwards I hot glued Velcro to both the back of the MP4 player, and onto the piece of plastic I had hot glued to the gauntlet.

The MP4 player is visible in front of it.

Step 2: Attaching Velcro

Next I cut the Velcro into four strips roughly 5 inches long. In order to make them fit into the slots on the gauntlet I taper the ends of the strips.

I then threaded the strips through the slots on the sides and glued them down, making sure the proper sides were facing each other.

Step 3: Final Assembly.

These are pics of the two gauntlets.

I left the Velcro long so I could go in later and cut them to fit my arms.

The MP4 player has not been altered in any way and still works.

Step 4: Flashing Gauntlet

The Flashing Gauntlet flashes different colors and the reflective plastic "Gemstone" does a very good job of focusing it. The bottom of the candle is on the underside, which makes it easy to replace it.

Step 5: MP4 Gauntlet

The MP4 for this gauntlet I didn't alter in any way: So it can still show pictures, play music, display books in txt format, and so on. I did try to find some appropriate steampunk videos to add to it but the AMV conversion program is five years old and doesn't work most of the time. So I contented myself with downloading appropriate steampunk-style pictures, music, and a number of classic novels in txt format from

There is no speaker on this but I am working on converting a battery-powered amplifier I bought at a local Dollar Tree store into something that looks steampunk-like . It will go when finished onto the U-shaped space onto the back end of the gauntlet.

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