Introduction: Pallet Headboard

Get ready to make a new Queen Headboard from used pallets!

Step 1: ​Disassemble One Pallet

Save ALL the wood and remove all nails.

Sort boards according to width to dry-fit for the face of the headboard.

Step 2: Arrange and Mount the Pallet Boards

Use two quarter inch thick pieces plywood cut to 3 foot squares to mount the pallet boards.

Layout the pallet pieces using the same width pieces across each row of planks and stagger the ends so no ends line up between rows.

Flip to the other side so the pallet pieces are on your work surface and the plywood on top.

Using half inch wood screws, set the pallet boards into the plywood.

Step 3: Stain the Assembled Mounted Pallet Backboard

I left all the pallet boards unsanded / rough for a rustic look.

Staining with a dark color covers the imperfections of a beginner's work!

Step 4: Assemble the Sides and Supports

Measure the height of you headboard so that the pallets will be beneath the mattress and a majority of the boards will be in view. I made mine is 53 inches tall with the pallet pieces 24 inches off the floor.

Cut two 2x4s to length for the total height of your headboard (53" for mine). Attach the 2x4s to each side of the mounted pallet backing using 1 1/2 inch wood screws (you can be messy since this will be covered!)

Cut two 1x4 pieces of plywood (or other hardwood for a fancier finish) to 53" in length. Attach to the outside edges of the 2x4s for the finish sides of the headboard. Stain to match the pallet backing.

Add a 2x4 cross beam about 12 inches up from the floor to support the weight of the completed headboard and another across the center of the pallet backing. Your headboard will be HEAVY since there's so much wood! I also added padding squares to the back of the top piece so that when the headboard rests on the wall it won't scratch the wall paint.

Step 5: Cover Your Rough Ends!

Take 2 quarter inch thick 3 inch boards and cut them to 36 inches long. Stain them with the same stain as the pallet backing and glue the front sides of the pallet backing to hide the rough ends of the pallet pieces.

Cut a 1x6 pieces of plywood (or other hardwood for a fancier finish) to cover the top of the headboard with about an inch overhang on each side. Depending on how thick your ends and front cover runs, this could be between 64 and 68 inches long (mine is 66 inches). **Make sure to cut this piece so it overhangs evenly on both sides.**

Stain to match the pallet backing.

Step 6: Finishing Touches...

Finishing touches were 4 coats of polyurethane over the entire exposed surface, drying in between coats. This protects the rough wood exterior of the pallet boards.

Sealing them will help to minimize splinters, but also keeps a rustic look!

Step 7: Admire Your Work!

Place the headboard directly on the floor against a wall and push your bed up to it and admire your work!

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