Introduction: Pallet Wood Coat Rack

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Here is a great looking coat rack made from a few pallet boards with a natural edge and metal hooks.

Step 1: Material / Tools

This coat rack can be made with just a few pallet boards of your liking. I chose the ones I used specifically for the natural edge they offered. It could also be made with straight edges.

To make this you will only need minimal tools

Tape Measure & Pencil

Saw - Jig, Hand, Miter or Table - Whatever you have available

Sander - Hand, Power, Palm, Random Orbiting, Belt - You decide

Drill with bits and screws

Glue - if you want to

Metal Coat Hooks found on Amazon

Step 2: Prepare & Layout

I chose the boards I wanted to use, sanded them down and cut them to size. The size of this project can vary, depending on the size of the metal coat hooks you use and the space you have available.

I laid out the boards to my liking before attaching them with screws from the back, side and top. However, the screws were silver and stood out so I painted them black to make them blend in better.

Step 3: Finish

I applied a clear semi-gloss finish from a spray can. I wanted to maintain the natural look of the wood. After it had dried I attached the metal hooks, pre-drilling the holes first.

Then I hung it on the wall next to our entry door. I did have to put two screws through the board into the studs behind the wall. They are not as noticeable with the existing holes in the pallet wood.

Now it's ready for your spouse to decorate as she pleases.

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