Introduction: Pallet Saw Dust Fire Log

Hy everyone, today after some news projects with pallet I recovered a lot of saw dust.

I will teach you how use it to warm you in winter.

I Europe we are lucky, we using "EPAL" pallet there is no pesticide just a heat treatment.

Remember, energy is our future, save it. And when it's free it's better ^^

Step 1: Materials

Really easy :

  • Saw dust
  • Toilet paper roll or other paper roll
  • Water
  • Hammer
  • Flour (optional)
  • Recycled paper (improvement)

Step 2: Build It

Mix saw dust and a little of water in a container, if you had to much water don't worry, add more saw dust or flour.

My mixture is 6 unit of saw dust with 1 unit of water and 1 cc of flour.

Next push some mixture in the paper roll and use grip of hammer to compress all, if the mixture is good, there should not be any water coming out.

Step 3: Dry It

Then put it in the sun to dry it, when everything is hard, it's perfect for burning.
As you can see, I made several and so far everything goes well and for 0€.

I have some ideas to improve all this as also use recycled paper. I prepare a small machine to do all this more quickly with a silicone gun, but this is for the next instructable.

Don't forget it's better when it's free ^^

Step 4: Improvement

If you have recycled paper , you can mix it with sawdust if you have previously cut into small pieces.

As the cardboard but it will take longer let macerate.

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