Introduction: Pallet-style Serving Tray DIY

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I designed this pretty pallet projects DIY serving tray with backyard BBQ’s, pool parties, beach trips, and picnics in mind. It seems that it always takes 20 trips just to get everything outside for a meal. This tray is extra large and sturdy at 24″ x 21″. You can take all those dishes, utensils, condiments, and side dishes out at once.

I rescued these old fence pickets from my donkeys to make this tray.

Fence pickets do have the same shape and distressed look as pallet wood. So, they are an easy substitute when you can't find pallets.

But, if you want a smoother finish, you can use 1"x4" boards too.

Step 1: Cut the Boards to Size

You'll need:

2 - 20" long 1"x4" boards

6 - 24" long 1"x4" boards

2 cabinet pulls

Plus, Wood Glue, Primer, Paint, and Polyurethane (I used this one (aff)).

Step 2: Assemble

Prime the wood.

After drying, glue the top pieces to the back pieces. The ends of the back pieces should be about an inch from the edges of the top pieces. The top pieces should be spaced about a pencil-width apart, to give it a pallet look.

Weigh down the pieces while the glue dries.

Once dry, apply paint and poly layers.

Attach handles through the back pieces so that the back pieces can carry the load of tray.

Step 3: Finished Tray

You're tray is ready to go to those backyard BBQ's, pool parties, picnics, and beach trips.

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