Pallet Sanding Block

Introduction: Pallet Sanding Block

Hello, today we will bulid a sanding block with a pallet.

It's free and very easy.

I love when it's free ^^

Step 1: Materials

Very easy :

  • A pallet
  • A router
  • A scrap of metal
  • And some sandpaper
  • oil (optional)

Step 2: Build

Firt cut a small piece of a pallet plank, here a 20*10 cm piece.

Use the router to create groove on the both sides.

I use sandpaper to clean the piece of wood and add some oil to protect it.

Now cut the sandpaper to the right dimention.

And after I pull a metal bar from an old printer in the groove to have a very tight fit between sandpaper and wood.

Step 3: Finish

Congratulation now you have a sanding block for free from pallet, and free is better ^^

You can custome the dimention as you like of course.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks, it work very well, I will build another one to me.