Introduction: Palm Size Powerbank

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Building a compact powerbank in old school method.Since 3D printer is the best choice in making this kind of project.But we all know "how expensive it is". And we don' t have all access to it just like me.That's the reason why i built this to inspire those who want to build their powerbank as compact as possible.

Steps are all explained here.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

Components and materials needed are the following:

Dc to DC converter module chips (Step Up module)

18650 battery 2* 2000 mah

SPST switch

2.5 mm thick Flexiglass (transparent)

Vinyl tile (scrap only)

Bond paper + pencil

Red and Black wires

Soldering Lead

Stickers (optional)(i used scrap motorbike waterproof stickers)

Quick Dry Epoxy

Spray Paint "any color"(optional)

Glue Gun

Elmer's Glue( optional for patching gaps)


Soldering Iron 30Watts


Scoring Blade

Exacto Knife (any knife for scraping)

Some small screw driver (optional)

Step 2: Plan the Bezel

Plan first and make some measurements of the components needed to fit inside the bezel.So you can rearrange it easily while it is on drawing board, so you can make some adjustments and can do lots of options while it is being draft.And you can see how small or big it would be eventually.

Step 3: Preparing Chip Module Panel

Preparing the step up chip module and switch was so easy.Just use an aluminum foil to get the exact mold of the USB,PCB and Micro USB by pressing it on top of it..,then just trace the marked left on aluminum foil and traced it on vinyl tile for easy cutting with minimal errors in fitting.

Step 4: The Wirings

The wiring were easy as 123 as seen on schematics in image form and simplified image of how the battery works in two different kind of wiring (Parallel and Series wiring)

Step 5: LED Light Diffraction

An optional method of adding a transparent plastic tube on top of module's LED will help to diffract the LED lighting effect on the bezel.It will add an indicator light effect on the bezel when the powerbank is discharging and charging.

Step 6: Final Test and Paint Job

Test everything first if it successfully charge and discharge accordingly on multitester first to avoid hurting your device. After a thorough test of it.Spray painting is an added option only.

As seen on image final test run on iPhone and PSP slim.

Step 7: Result

After doing all the fun in building a DIY .,seing the result is really satisfying.,Yet another DIY project shared here.A compact Palm sized Powerbank with a 4,000 mah capacity that can charge any USB compliant device.It can charge my good old iPhone 4G in 100% full twice.

Hoping you enjoyed reading it.Thank you and i'm happy to shared it here.

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