Introduction: Panda Mask

Just a lil project for a party, it was a lotta fun to make and even more fun to wear but it does require a lot of different materials. You might be able to find a different material to replace the fleece lining but it makes for a nice 'furry' finish which is quite a cute touch.

  • Quite sturdy with a soft touch
  • Cardboard structure
  • Fleece finish
  • Not great visibility

Step 1: Cardboard Structure

I cut out a bunch of rings and folded them in half so that they'd form a hollow sphere when put together, with another ring positioned perpendicular to the others for support and to strengthen the structure. Once I had this I covered it all in tape and made the nose in the same way. The ears were a simple 2D shape of thick cardboard.
To make the head hole I cut out another ring and positioned it where I needed it on the head. Cutting out the excess cardboard and gluing it to the bottom gave a head hole, taping it down to the rest of the general structure.

Step 2: Fleece Cover

This stage took a lot of time because I have basically no experience with sewing.

I cut up some old fleeces and wrapped them around the structure so that the least amount of folds could be made, securing it by applying some glue and sewing it to the head hole at the bottom.

I cut along each fold made so that gaps were made in the fabric, and sewed them back together to leave just the fabric needed to cover the entire structure without excess and folds etc.