Introduction: Pandahall's Tutorial on How to Make a Personalized Gold Square Bracelet for Girls

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Today’s tutorial is on how to make a gold bracelet with beads and brass stars. It is full of personality. Follow me to have a look. As you can see from the above picture, this personalized bracelet is made up of brass squares and stars mainly. They are easy find materials on Pandahall. Also, I wrap some sparkling and colorful glass beads on the square bracelet, so the whole gold bracelet becomes eye-catching. Now, follow me to make this personalized bracelet for girls.

Step 1: Supplies in Making a Personalized Gold Square Bracelet for Girls:

2MM White Seed Beads

Glass Beads(brown、yellow、green、purple、blue、bright red)

Square Brass Linking Rings

Star Brass Chain Links

0.3MM Copper Wire

Lobster Claw Clasps

10MM Jump Rings

4MM Jump Rings


Cutting Pliers

Step 2: Wrap the Brass Star With Brass Squares

1st, take 6 square brass linking rings and 6 star brass chain links, wrap 3 points of a star with a square as pictured;

2nd, repeat the 1st step to make 5 more bracelet patterns.

Step 3: Add Beads Onto the Stars

1st, snick a piece of copper wire, thread a 2mm seed bead on it, fold it into half and thread a purple glass bead on the 2 copper wires, then wrap this glass bead with the star;

2nd, repeat the 1st step to make 5 more beaded patterns with beads in different colors.

Step 4: Link All the 6 Beaded Patterns Together

Take 10 4mm jump rings, and connect every two of the beaded patterns with 2 4mm jump rings as pictured.

Step 5: Finish the Gold Square Bracelet Design

Take 2 10mm jump rings and 4 4mm jump rings, and connect a 10mm jump ring and 2 4mm jump rings to the 3 side, then connect this gold bracelet with a lobster claw clasp.

Step 6:

Here is the final look of this personalized gold square bracelet for girls.

Now, I have finished this gold bracelet. Are you interested in this personalized bracelet? Well, you can change the beads to other colors that you like. It is so personalized to wear this square bracelet on your wrist. Just have a try, and create more personalized bracelet for girls.