Introduction: Panel Style LED Fiber Optic Light

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After purchasing my house the room was set up with a pool table style light low hanging and always in the way.

Converting the room into a tv/man cave room I wanted something special and unique so I started brain storming and here is the out come.

Step 1: The Lighting

Fiber optic kit from Amazon

LED kit from Amazon

Both have been working great for me for a few months now. Remote for each and they will work independently.

Step 2: The Layout

Went to the box store and picked up a 4x8 sheet of pre-painted white wall board.

I ripped the sheet into two 4x4 sections. if you can buy a 4x4 at your store save some money and time.

I then built a frame out of 1x2. I laid them flat to save room for the corner trim I understand this is not the best option for strength but it weighs little to nothing.

I liquid nailed everything together, I wanted a seamless appearance on the bottom. (face)

Step 3: Adding Trim

I'm sorry I do not remember the size of the Corner (L) Trim but it worked out perfectly covering both the bottom of the panel and the 1x2 frame.

Miter cut 45 the corners just like making a box and your set.

Step 4: Drilling Holes and Adding the Fiber Optics

I flipped the panel over and started drilling from the Face down.

I used the smallest drill bit I had that fit a single fiber optic cord.

I didn't picture it but I used painters tape and broke the entire panel into 6 equal sections. The package said 150 strands I took a gamble without counting pre drilled 25 holes per section.

Step 5: Fixing the Panel

I wanted to post this after I drilled the hole I had the expected blow out on the back no problem its not seen.

But the face had pretty distinct spots all over it from a few feet away I was pretty unhappy with it at this point. ran and got a couple cans of high gloss white spray paint. It turned out amazing the paint filled the holes and gave it a great shine also helped the trim and the panel match even better than before.

Step 6: Adding the Optics

With help from my beautiful wife we took each stand to each hole.

the trick I found here was to start the strand put a decent amount of glue then pull in it the rest of the way helping it fill the hole for a better bond.

Step 7: Hanging, Trimming, and Electric

Sorry again for lack of pictures this all came together very quickly here.

I used hooks very similar to these guys 4 of each. 4 hooks for the ceiling and 4 eye screws on the panel.

I converted the old light box in the ceiling to an two socket outlet. worked perfect without the need of power strip.

last part not pictured was adding the LED tape lights honestly I placed the box in the middle area and just wrapped the strand around the outside taping them to the panel so they would shine up and out.

Step 8: Sit Back and Enjoy.

It highlights the room perfectly.

I tend to enjoy leaving them on smooth transitions fading in and out but both lights are on a different color.

I will also try to upload a video soon.

My spelling and grammar isn't great but I do hope this helps anyone wanting to build something similar.

Feel free to ask any questions happy to help.

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