Introduction: Pants Puller Upper

My prototype allows for quadriplegics to be able to more easily pull up their pants.

Step 1: Photo of My Prototype

Step 2: Need Statement

A way to help quadriplegics put on their pants without help.

Step 3: Functional Requirements

  • Rod must be able to fit a fist
  • Must be able to pull up pants
  • Must be able to stay in certain form

Step 4: List of Materials

1. A hook -

2. A bendable rod -

Step 5: Instructions on How to Assemble

It's quite a simple process.

All you have to do is form the rod into the perfect circular shape to fit your hand into, take your hook and hook it into the rod and tighten it with anything even a paper clip and put your arm in and pull.

Step 6: Discussion of Efficiancy

I believe that my prototype works and that it can work effectively. However, there are certain things that can be improved on such as comfort and stability. Therefore my next steps would be to improve on my prototype as much as possible to make it the best it can be within my access.