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Introduction: Paper 3d Labyrinth Puzzle

I was always fascinated with those cube labyrinth puzzles. Always wanted to make one. But considering my skills, I can not go much beyond paper and its uses. So came up with this plan to make one.

Step 1: Design

I planned of making a 6cmx6cmx6cm with a 3 layer labyrinth. So here is my drawing. This is a pretty simple design considering I am making it the first time.

Step 2: Cuts

I cut out 4 6cmx6cm card stock. Also cut out some 2cm wide strips. Made the boxes and stacked them for how the final thing will look.

Step 3: The Labyrinth

Started making the labyrinth with the 2cm strips. Tried to replicate the drawing to the exact millimeter.

Step 4: Checking If Everything Works

Checked all the layers stage by stage before sticking up so that nothing fails. Used a bead from wife's jewelry box to test this.

Step 5: All Done

Done with the labyrinth. Now play along. Don't forget to keep the plan safe for future use.

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