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In this instcrutable I am going to show you how to make a paper bag book cover. This will help you keep your books safe from bent corners, pen/pencil marks and help against minor liquid spills on the book. But the great is that you only need some scissors and a brown paper bag (or just a paper bag).

Step 1: Materials

As said in the intro all you will need for this nifty cover is:

1 x Paper bag (these can usually be found at any grocery store)

1 x Pair of scissors

Step 2: Creating the Cover

a) First you are going to tear off the handles, you wont be needing these so you can just throw them away. (Like in picture 1)

b) Now you are going to choose any corner of the open side of the bag and cut strait down to the bottom of the bag. (Like in picture 2)

c) Then you are just going to use the scissors to cut of the bottom of the bag, you will not need it so you can throw it away (Like in picture 3 and 4 ).

Now you should just have a long piece of the paper bag.

Step 3: Fitting the Cover to the Text Book

a) Now you are going to lay the text book on top of the long piece of paper, there should be at least an inch of paper showing on the top and the bottom of the textbook (Like in picture 1).

b) Now your are going to get a pencil and draw a line on the top and the bottom of the text book, make sure th pencil is strait up and down so that the measurements aren't off. (Like in picture 2)

c) Next you will just keep sliding the textbook across the paper until you have a long horizontal line going across the paper on the top and bottom (Like in picture 3 and 4 )

d) Then you are going to fold on the line, MAKE SURE YOU FOLD ON THE LINE AND NOT TO THE LINE (Like in picture 5)

Step 4: the Book Cover

a) Now you will lie the book on the piece of paper, be sure that the main part of the book is on the flaps (Like in picture 1).

b) Next you are going to grab the end of the of the cover and put the flaps around the front cover of the book make sure it is nice and tight (Like in picture 2,3, and 4).

C) Then you are going to do the same thing to the other side but you may need to cut some of it off if its too long again make sure it is tight (Like in picture 5 and 6).

Step 5: Finished

You are now done! I hope that this instructable will help you KEEP YOUR BOOKS SAFE, please comment for any questions and I would also like to know what you think. I will probably add a video as an update.


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