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Introduction: Paper Box

Everyone has at a time required the use of storage, but sometimes there is just insufficient boxes or the wallet's screaming bloody murder.

Paper, however, is certainly available in abundant quantities. You don't even have to use paper! Magazines, plastic bags, etc are all possible candidates.

And since it's made from paper, it's customizable with markers, or create it with coloured paper to have a colourful box.

Magazines with glossy paper work really well as containers for bones and the ilk.The glossy paper stops the oil from 'leaking' and the box allows easy disposal.

Cost? $0.
Difficulty? So easy a toddler could probably do it. Assuming his/her attention span is long enough.
Also, no cutting required, making it very safe. Well, the worst is that you might choke while swallowing it, but if you swallow it in the first place...
Flexibility? Whatever thing a box can do, it can do. Cause it's a box. Add a lid, and have a box, and make it out of wrapping paper to have a quick gift box.

Make some out of wrapping paper and use it to decorate the house as 'present' boxes, except empty ones.

Step 1: Step One

Start with a rectangular piece of paper.

Staples are not necessary, but I advise it for securing the paper later.

Note : Creasing the paper when folding it for the first time is recommended, to help with the crispness to aid step 3.

Step 2: Step Two

Fold it in half. Crease if necessary.

Step 3: Step Three

Open one of the flaps and fold it down. Then fold it back over. Fold the folded tab in half as per picture. Repeat with the other side.

Step 4: Step Four.

Fold the exposed flap as per pictured. Repeat step 3~4 with the other side.

Step 5: Step Five.

Staple if you want. It helps keep it together if it's going to be used a lot.

Step 6: Miscellaneous

Pretty much, this origami construct is VERY forgiving in roughness. And easily adaptable.

Step 7: Video.

Video. In case it wasn't clear enough... I didn't use a creaser in the video as I'd done enough to not require it to eyeball align.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    You could do with fewer yellow boxes- I see what you are trying to do but really they just add clutter and make it harder to see how you are actually folding the paper. Otherwise, good photos and the instructions look ok.


    This is way to hard. It is very arduous to me. I cant fold it like step 2.

    This is obviously a very quick way of making paper boxes but I am afraid I find it too difficult to follow. Even in the video the paper is whipped around so fast it is too hard to see which way up it is when the next fold has to be done. Perhaps some markings on the paper? Or break the photos down into more steps.