Introduction: Paper Crafts: Bookmark Crafts

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Bookmark crafts are simple paper crafts that kids of any age can make! They are also a perfect way to say “Welcome back!” to your students as they come back to school this fall. 

What you’ll need for this paper craft:

Dum Dums
• Cardstock/poster board (any colors)
• Twine
• Pencil
• Hole punch
• Scissors
• Fine Tip Sharpie

Here’s how you make them:

1. Using a pencil, draw an apple shape or rectangular shape onto a piece of cardstock/poster board, then cut out with scissors.

2. Use the hole punch to punch a hole near the top of the apple, or along a short side of a rectangular shaped bookmark.

3. Cut off a piece of twine approximately 6 inches long. Poke one end through the hole and pull all the way through, meeting the ends. Tie a small knot about an inch off the end of the pieces of string.

4. Get creative! Use your fine tipped sharpie to draw back to school images on the rectangular shaped bookmarks and seeds on the apple. Be sure to write a message, too! We suggest: “A good book is a treat for your brain!” You can also write your name (or your students’ names).

5. Add the sweet treat: Poke the stick of a Dum Dum down through the same hole where you tied the twine so that the Dum Dum is sitting against the front of the bookmark. Then, secure the stick to the back of the bookmark with a small piece of tape.