Introduction: Paper Feather Lamp

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I saw a picture of a lamp made from paper feathers on internet and I thought it was a spectacular idea so here is my take on how to accomplish that!

It gives a really nice shine to the room, so I'm really glad I attempted this.

I have made a lot of different paper lamps and this is by far the easiest to make, I would guess that I spent about 3 hours to construct this and it's cheap as well, I have not spent more then maximum 7 USD on this lamp.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Cheap paper lamp (I used IKEA REGOLIT, which cost only 19 SEK, which is about 2 USD)

Printer papers (one per feather)

Paper glue


Step 2: Cutting Feathers

First I added a raw sketch on how I made my feathers, no one look exactly like the other, but I think that is the charm.

Start by cutting the outer form and then make a lot of cuts towards the middle, the more you make, the more detailed the lamp will look.

For my lamp, I used about 40 papers.

Step 3: Glue Feathers on to the Lamp

Start at the bottom, it's easiest if you attach it to a string of some kind, so it can hang free, I didn't do that from the beginning and then it was a little harder to make the feathers hang down naturally.

I glued them a little on top of each other, easiest to see in my pictures. At the top, I let the glue dry and then cut away all extra paper that hangs over the hole.

And voila, your done!

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