Introduction: Paper Fingerboard

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I made something that's not a prop! It feels refreshing. I'll be making more things that aren't props.

Mainly because I wanted to have a fingerboard with my own graphic, I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time. I tried and failed a while back and a few days ago I decided to try again, using the graphic from the fail. This isn't my own concept. There's been lots of these, and I based this one (mostly) on this cool video. Thanks sittingduck422! As it turns out, I found that half the work was getting the trucks on, so in the future if I make more of these I'll make an Instructable and talk about all of the little tricks I figured out along the way. Instructions can also most certainly be requested (if they're not requested it might be a while until I make another one of these things).

I used two strips of paper from a Net10 phone box (I have a G-Nex, my dad has the Net10 phone) and one strip from a tissue box. The trucks and wheels (clearly) are from a tech deck, as are the screws (need I mention that?). I drew the design on a separate piece of paper and glued it to the tissue box strip (on the bottom of the deck). You could certainly put a protective layer of clear packing tape over the design to make it shiny and also to protect it, but I didn't do that. Take pictures if you do. The grip tape is made out of sandpaper. I've found that the sandpaper grip works just as well as the stuff on my tech decks, and you can sharpie it different colors (I didn't do this).

UPDATE: Because I fingerskate on my desk and the slick wooden surface makes the wheels of all my boards slip, I wrapped the wheels on this board with strips of duct tape to create friction. It creates a very different feel (a little more like real skateboard wheels) but to me it feels okay. The tape is easy to get on and off, and right now I don't have the tape on (just because I don't feel like having it on). You can see the wrapped wheels in the bottom pictures.

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