Introduction: Paper Gift Box and Decoration

My wife makes jewelries. Her customer wanted a hand made gift box with the jewelries they buy. So I made this box out of card stock paper and decorated it with glossy paper filigree.

Step 1: Materials

We need

Card stock paper




glossy paper

glue + glue stick (not in the image)

Step 2: Marking the Sides

Marked 2 inches for the side of the box and 1 cm for the flaps to glue.

Sides were of 6.5 inches. It took 2 strips of paper to glue together to make the box as I had a little more than 12 inches of paper length.

Step 3: Cutting Ang Gluing the Lower Part of the Box

Cut 2 strips to make the lower part and glued them to make the box. Notice the flaps that will hold the base card of the box.

Step 4: Cutting Ang Gluing the Upper Part of the Box

Now as the lower part has dried up. i marked a little more than the sides so that the upper part fits snugly to the lower part. Check the image of the ruler for the same. Boxes fit as they are required. Not too tight, not to loose.

Step 5: Complete the Box

I cut 2 7inch x 7inch boards and glued to the top and bottom part. Here the 1cm flaps that I i used come into play.

Step 6: Side Decorations

I made a rough image of what the decoration will look like. Took a strip of glossy paper and folded it multiple times. Drew half of the image and cut it. Made 3 more to cover all sides. Open and stick with glue stick. Do not apply the glue stick to the softer paper as it will warp and will destroy the paper when dry. Do to all 4 sides of the cover.

Step 7: Top Decoration

For top of the box cut the paper to size and fold it 4 times to make wedge. Now start cutting the paper with small shapes. Do not cut the paper to the other side. When you are done cutting, open the paper. You will get a beautiful pattern. Some trial and error will give you an idea how to cut. Mark the top of the box for the center. Use a ruler and draw lines crossing each other while using the diagonal points.

Step 8: Finally

Glue your filigree on top. Use the glue stick and smudge the area and stick it, spreading the paper by hand gently. Pres any air bubbles with the back of your nail.

You are done! Enjoy your box. In the first step there is an image of the box that I made previously.

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