Introduction: Paper Mache Pluto

today I will be showing you how to make a paper mache Pluto. i choose this because I love Disney movies so i decided to make a paper mache Pluto. I wanted to do Pluto because when i was little I loved Pluto!

Step 1: Get Supplies

a. Get glue from the dollar store or any other store.

b. Then get a news paper from your door step if someone delivers to your door. But if not get a news paper from down town get a lot.

c. Get paint from the dollar store or London drugs.

d. When you are still at dollar store get some styrofoam foam balls for the legs try not to get the big ones.

e. then get more pipe cleaners from a art store.

Now that you are finish getting supplies you are ready to start building! go on to step two to find out how to build the paper mache Pluto!

Step 2: Making the Body

a. Blow up a balloon as big as you want make sure that it looks kind of like a body.

b. Cover the balloon in school glue or other glue.

c. Start cutting up paper if you did not get any scissors you can rip up the paper.

d. Mix the water and glue together very well.

e. Now you can start putting the paper in the glue and water set it there for one second.

f. Then start putting the paper on the body.

g. Let it outside to dry if it is warm if not us the hair drier to make it go faster.

h. When dry do step F again.

i. When you think you have finished and it is all dry you can pop the balloon.

j. move on to the next step

Step 3: Making the Head

a. Blow up the balloons so it fits the paper mache body.

b. Cover the balloon glue.

c. Start cutting more paper.

d. Cover paper mache in paper.

e. Wait for it to dry.

f. Repeat step D

g. cut paper in to big strips cover them in glue then put the strips vertical so the

head stays on.

Step 4: Painting.

a. start by painting the head white.

b. when it is dry start painting the body.

c. when that is finish drying paint the big thing yellow.

d. then if you want the paint to dry faster us a hair dryer.

e. paint on to ovals connected by a rectangle in white.

f. then a green collar that can go around its neck.

g. paint little arms in black.

h. paint little ovals for the eyes and nose.

i. add some pipe cleaner ears and tail.

And there you have it a paper mache Pluto!